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  • Check-in

    Jury Assembly Room

  • Welcome and Introductory Remarks

  • Plenary Session - First Amendment and New Media in the Age of Rage

  • Break

  • Plenary Session - Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Review

  • Break

  • Lunchtime Plenary Ethics Session - Ethical Lawyering & Generative AI

  • Break

  • Criminal Breakout Session - Sentencing Guidelines: Updates and Overview of New Amendments

    Jury Assembly Room

  • Civil Breakout Session - Deal or No Deal: Barriers to Effective ADR in Federal Court and How to Overcome Them

    Courtroom 9A

  • Plenary - Judges' Trivia and Practice Tips From the Bench

  • FBA Burns Award Presentation

  • Closing Remarks

  • Dessert Reception

    First Floor Lobby
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